Much to Offer - Subflowers

Original Song by Subflowers. Warm thanks to Andreas Pretzlaff for video-production and Daniel Martens for Logo-Design! Watch and hear more on our youtube or soundcloud Channel


Sabotage - Beasty Boys

Thanks to team and audience of "Internationeles Kulturfest" at Zeche Carl, Essen, May 1st, 2020. Thanks as well to Andreas Pretzlaff for video-production!


Sturmfront - Subflowers

Thanks to: Dukes of Downtown for a memorable event, Andreas and Rüdiger Pretzlaff for extraordinary produced footage as well as the audience of Ampütte for singing and dancing with us! Big hug to all!!


Take me out - Franz Ferdinand

Call me No. 5 - Paul Weller

You do something to me - Paul Weller

Remedy - The Black Crowes

Thanks to: Alex Kölling